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All Day Endurance is a national triathlon team that works with all levels of triathletes using Coach Aubrey unique coaching methods. Coach Aubrey is a former pro triathlete who enjoys taking what he's learned to create a team of motivated, hard working triathletes.
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Five Books Every Endurance Athlete Should Read to Improve Their Mental and Physical Capacity
Written by Aubrey Aldy
1) “Peak Performance” by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness. 

 This is at the top of my list right now. It is packed with research and is written so that it is easy to follow and understand. Whether you are an athlete or not, there are lessons relatable to all humans trying to improve in anything at all. The overarching theme of this book is, “stress plus rest equals growth”. Seems pretty simple, but most of need work on the rest part of this equation.  

2) “Finding the Wheel’s Hub” by Scott Tinley. 

 Written by one of triathlon’s original “Big Four”, this book was hard for me to put down. It’s full of philosophy and insight into triathlon and Ironman triathlon in it’s early years. It is also hilariously funny at times. There are over 60 short stories about everything from training mistakes to skateboarding. 

3) “Running With The Buffaloes” by Chris Lear. 

 No other book makes me want to go out and hammer 20+ hard miles right away like one does. Chris Lear spends a season along side the University of Colorado Men’s Cross Country Team. Legendary Coach, Mark Wetmore leads his team with tried and true methods while navigating major adversities along the way.  

4) “Duel In The Sun” by John Brant. 

Another favorite for any fan of running and especially the marathon distance. This is the story of the 1982 Boston Marathon where the famous, Alberto Salazar and underdog, Dick Beardsley battled from start to finish. Neither runner would give an inch and they both dug deeper than they thought possible to try and win that day.  

5) “Sports Gene” by David Epstein. 

 A look inside the science of extraordinary performance. This was a fun read, but I am a coach and love to read about the science behind performance. In this book there are countless studies and referenced research on some of the greatest athletes and performances of our time. Why even Michael Jordan, possibly the best basketball player in history, could not quite get his golf or baseball swing into the elite range even though he could hit a game winning shot on the courts seemingly at will. 

What are some of your favorite running or triathlon books?

About Author: Aubrey Aldy

After serving eight years in the Army as a combat medic Aubrey Aldy is now focused on triathlon and the team he runs: All Day Endurance. Aubrey enjoys helping people attain fitness goals of all kinds. With Aubrey’s help and experience you can and will reach all of the goals you set-out to accomplish. Aubrey is an All-American triathlete who has competed in 100+ events over the years. Having won several races from half marathons to iron distance triathlons. He currently holds course records on 8 different triathlon run courses form sprint to iron distance. Aubrey is a certified personal trainer through World Instructor Training Schools, USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach, IRONMAN Certified Coach, USA Cycling Level 3 Coach. 
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